Dr Saul Diaz

Stand: L332

Integrative Holistic Medicine is a system that combines the use of conventional medicine with naturopatic medicine. It is an overall approach to health and healing that has the individual as a whole at its core.

Dr Saul Diaz is a medical doctor who is passionate about treating each person as an individual. His aim is to teach his patients how to look after their own health, helping them to live a full and happy life without the burden of illness.

Born in Seville, Spain, Dr Saul Diaz graduated from the University of Seville in 1997 and has worked in many different specialties in UK hospitals since 1999. His aims are:

  • To help those who suffer from chronic pain or diseases, and those who find no further relief from their symptoms with prescription medication or conventional treatments;
  • To treat those who crave a less toxic, more subtle and natural approach to illness and health, whether they are already suffering from a condition or whether they want to reach or maintain a State of Well Being;
  • To listen to those who have symptoms but normal test results;
  • To teach his patients how to take responsibility for their own health and how to heal themselves.


WestLake Clinic
1-7 Harley Street
United Kingdom
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  • Auriculotherapy

    06 Jul 2019

    Auricular acupuncture is a diagnostic and treatment system based on normalizing the body’s dysfunction through stimulation of definite points on the ear. While the earliest uses of ear acupuncture points dates back to ancient China, modern applications of auriculotherapy are based on the work of Dr. Paul Nogier of Lyon, France. The ear is said to represent the whole anatomical body, but in an upside down orientation. 

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