Good nutrition: Forget perfection and find balance. Practical tips and advice from leading nutritional therapist Nicola Moore

06 Jul 2019
Wellbeing Seminars

Nutritional therapist Nicola Moore believes we should ditch the diets and detoxes and instead take the pressure off ourselves with a more positive and common sense approach to nutrition. Doing so offers the chance to have longer term benefits to your health and emotional wellbeing. “The vast majority of us are just normal people who simply can’t be ‘perfect’ all the time. My advice to people who are tempted to follow a quick-fix detox or elimination programme would be to consider taking a longer-term and less extreme approach that’s generally kinder to both the body and the mind.''

Nicola is committed to helping people have a happy and healthy relationship with food and her popular online group programmes and one-to-one clinics help educate and equip clients with the knowledge they need to make lifelong adaptations to their diets with the aim of leading a healthier lifestyle for the long term. She works most frequently with clients who are keen to address their digestive, hormonal or immune system issues.

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