The importance of gut health - what to eat to keep it happy

07 Jul 2019
Wellbeing Seminars

Do you suffer from fatigue, low mood, anxiety or foggy head? Digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, gas or nausea? Or diagnosed with IBS, food intolerances or reflux

An increasing amount of research has linked gut health to disease and well-being, whether it's digestion, immunity, mood or even metabolism. This is down to our microbiome (the bacteria living in our guts), which has such complex functions it has been referred to as an organ in itself! Join Nutritional Therapist Linda Vezzoli to hear all about the wondrous world of our gut and what we can eat and do to keep it healthy.

Linda Vezzoli , Nutritional Therapist

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Wellbeing Seminars

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