The importance of self care for mothers

06 Jul 2019
Wellbeing Seminars

Dina Maktabi,  is a contented Mummy of two healthy and vivacious kids and a Kensington lover. It all started when she had her first baby. It occurred to her that she is not the only one struggling with interrupted sleep, being on call 24/7 with no time off. Kensington Mums is a comprehensive one stop shop for mums on their parenting journey, who want to be part of a bigger network to support each other, read interesting articles, see what’s happening in London and attend stylish events. It’s a place for new mums and experienced mums to connect and bond with like-minded people. The platform includes local, ex-pat and international mums who want to tap into the network for its blend of events, advice and connectivity. In an age where networking has become increasingly digital, Kensington Mums is successfully illustrating that the online landscape can be a fantastic resource for creating relationships which cross over into ‘real’ life. Dina will be focusing on the mental health of mothers and why it is important for their physical health and wellbeing. Dina will be sharing tips on self care and making time for “me-time” as a priority in our busy modern lives.

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Wellbeing Seminars

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