Panel session: What’s more important? Your career or your health?

07 Jul 2019
Wellbeing Seminars

Model Me is designed to educate and empower, the name Model Me comes from wanting to encourage you to be a better version of yourself. 

Model Me is hosting a panel talk on how to manage your health (mindset, fitness and nutritionally), while prospering in your career. In today’s world we live manic lives, we work multiple careers, and we want to be the best version of ourselves. How do we manage all of that, while still thriving in our career and having some sort of a social life? 

Learn tips that you can take and implement straight away into your daily routines, with our panel of experts from different areas of the wellness and business world. Tips on achieving overall well-being, but also on how to build a career that impacts the lives of many, in positive, empowering ways. 


Natasha Minter - Model, and Founder and CEO of Model Me


Jamie McCloskey - Founder and CEO of LoveCorn 

Anna Brightman - Co-Founder of UPCIRCLE 

Jermaine Johnson - Elite Strength and Fitness Coach, and Master Trainer at BLOK London 

Natasha Minter, Model and Business owner - Model Me

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Wellbeing Seminars

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