Make yourself a priority, its not selfish its a necessity. Article by Kensington Mums

As Mothers we put our kids as priority, they need us to take care of them when they are
newborns, they need us to feed them, wash them and nurture them from day one. When I
gave birth to my baby many years ago, my midwife at the time told me giving birth is just
like running a Marathon. No books or advice will ever prepare you for what is yet to come. A
mother needs to take good care of herself to rebuild her strength. She will need plenty of
rest, good nutrition, and help during the first few weeks.

As the hours and days pass by, we become more confident in our daily mummy duties and
eventually have a routine in place. This is key to maintain a mother’s sanity level.
Postpartum depression can kick in without you even knowing it so its important to notice
the signs and to seek help immediately from an expert.

As mothers, we need to take care of us first, its not selfish its a necessity.
Think about it this way, if we are not OK, our kids, husband and home will not be OK. You
are the CEO of your home. If you deplete yourselves, you’ll have nothing to give anyone
else. So taking time out for yourself is not just a luxury, its essential. As Mothers we will feel
guilty no matter what we do. If we go to work or are stay at home mums. The benefits of
having your “me-time” is that you will have more positive energy, more love and creativity
and more emotional resilience with your children. So do something that makes you happy,
this can be a morning run, reading a book with a hot cup of coffee in your hand, a night out
or inn with your girlfriends, make this time an important meeting with yourself. Enjoy it
without the feeling of guilt.

“Mothers are the glue that hold families all together”

The importance of self-care for mothers 

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Dina Maktabi is a contented Mummy of two healthy and vivacious kids and a Kensington lover. It all started when she had her first baby. It occurred to her that she is not the only one struggling with interrupted sleep, being on call 24/7 with no time off. Kensington Mums is a comprehensive one stop shop for mums on their parenting journey, who want to be part of a bigger network to support each other, read interesting articles, see what’s happening in London and attend stylish events. It’s a place for new mums and experienced mums to connect and bond with like-minded people. The platform includes local, ex-pat and international mums who want to tap into the network for its blend of events, advice and connectivity. In an age where networking has become increasingly digital, Kensington Mums is successfully illustrating that the online landscape can be a fantastic resource for creating relationships which cross over into ‘real’ life. Dina will be focusing on the mental health of mothers and why it is important for their physical health and wellbeing. Dina will be sharing tips on self care and making time for “me-time” as a priority in our busy modern lives.

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