Lintbells has been making premium quality, natural supplements since 2006, when John Davies and John Howie discovered a shared passion: the difference great nutrition can make to pets' lives.

Visibly full of life from nose to tail

More wiggle when they wag. Purrrfect coats and playful pounces. Glowing health from head to tail. Quality of life and more complete nutrition, whatever their age. 

Helping them be full of life

From veteran best friends who are feeling their years, to pups and kittens who are growing fast, horses with itches, to working dogs who need extra support, whatever's going on in your pet's life, Lintbells want to hear about it. And help where they can.

Proven in the park and vet's practice

There’s science (and love) behind everything Lintbells do. They say that ingredients are always the absolute best, recipes are tested and proven, and they are always on the lookout for ways to improve. It's a unique, committed approach that means they are completely confident that your furry one will look and feel better – so much so that they offer a 'See the Difference' Guarantee on all products.

Here at Lintbells, we're a friendly bunch of animal lovers – from our warehouse and finance teams to our animal nutrition specialists and vet advisors.  We really love talking to our customers (and potential customers), so please visit us about what’s happening in your dog, cat or horse’s life – we'll always try our utmost to help

- Lintbells 

Wellbeing Seminar

Having previously studied animal welfare and worked in wildlife conservation, Adam arrived at Lintbells with a passion to do one thing – help have a big impact on the quality of life of cats and dogs. Having personal experience of owning a dog struggling with mobility later in life it meant he was passionate to find out from vets how to identify and manage mobility issues. Now Adam works to co-ordinate world class experts from different aspects of veterinary care forming the Lintbells Mobility Task Force to increase the awareness of mobility problems in cats and dogs and letting owners know what they can do about it.

“Happy, healthy movement throughout our dogs’ lives. Why we shouldn’t accept it as just slowing down”

A recent survey showed only 20% of owners are very confident they would know the signs of canine arthritis. This talk discusses the signs to spot earlier giving you a great chance of giving your dog more years of happy, healthy movement.


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Wellbeing Seminars

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